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October 13, 2016

In another report I'll describe in detail what occurred yesterday when I attempted to take a Greyhound bus from Boston to Sarasota.

Basically, the MNF used two Greyhound agents to give me false information.

I chatted with two different Greyhound reps about any problems to Florida caused by flooding. The first one I talked to on the evening of October 11th. I was told multiple times that it was OK. The next one I chatted with early yesterday afternoon. She told that me that the trip from Boston to Sarasota would have no interference. There were no problems.

Yesterday I lugged a 4,500 cubic-inch backpack, weighing nearly 80lbs, from Malden Center to South station, & back again, while being tortured with directed-energy, in the middle of an intense swarm. I was physically attacked by 9 people.

When I reached the Greyhound booth at South Station, the agents told me that the route to Sarasota was blocked.

It appears the infantile psychopaths found it necessary to deceive me so they could feel powerful for a short while.

At about 610PM last evening I received an error after completing an online ticket form at Then, I was able to purchase a different ticket, with a less convenient departure time & seating arrangement.

There are various stunts that the sickos might pull at Logan Airport.

My backpack has all of my wilderness survival tools that I've collected over the last two years. One reason I didn't choose to take a flight was because of the possibility of it getting "lost" at the airport.

To prevent me from reaching my destination on time, there may be flight delays.

At the airport I may have to leave some of my survival gear because of baggage complications.

The psychopaths may have the TSA detain me.