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October 07, 2016

They have kept me homeless for 5 years. If I'm able to, in another report I'll describe how this was done, & all of the "opportunities" I've had during this time.

I will probably be homeless for the rest of my life because I will not submit to the ruling psychopaths. I refuse to be electronically leashed, & ordered around like a dog to enforce their rule, like the rest of the citizens.

For the winter I'll be staying in the Ocala National Forest in Florida.

On the 12th of this month, I'll depart from Boston. After a brief stay in Sarasota, I'll arrive in Salt Springs on the 18th.

There are grocery, hardware, & convenience stores in the area for basic necessities.

Even if there are public places with electricity & internet, I can't depend on them. They are psychologically hostile environments, where resources are denied, during vicious group attacks.

I should be able to use them occasionally.

Solar chargers will be ruined. I'm hoping that my android phone will charge.

There will probably be no internet access on my phone over a cellular network.

Plus, I anticipate all of the usual computer & phone sabotage.

There are some insights & theories that I've been considering for years, that I believe will be beneficial to those under attack. They were outlined in a February 2015 announcement, & the Part II: Topics & Methodology chapter of the New World War: Overview video.

I wanted to present them professionally, through articles & independent documentaries.

That requires an infrastructure that no longer exists.

Multi-level computer sabotage has gone on for years. Now my electricity & internet are being cut off.

So, I've altered my approach.

I'll write short 1-paragraph reports each month. This way the core of my message can be transmitted. When applicable, I'll include supporting documentation. Future activists will be able to expand upon the concepts without much effort.