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December 17, 2015

The area right beneath my sleeping place has been turned into a parking lot.

The construction for this began around mid October. On multiple occasions, in mid October & November, this work crew woke me up, starting at about 1AM.

Disturbances from heavy-duty vehicles, (maybe bulldozers or backhoes), included: mechanical shovels pummeling the ground; exhaust noise; engine revving; & recurrent beeping.

These commotional attacks were synchronized with directed-energy strikes for sleep deprivation.

On December 11th I noticed that this area was paved with cement.

Last evening when I approached the area, there was a vehicle parked directly below it. The vehicle was pointed toward me with its lights on, for a brighting attack.

Construction Picture

After taking pictures of the vehicle, I went toward the wall, to climb into the sleeping area. Then, two construction workers approached me, & asked me why I was taking pictures.

At that time, I noticed there was also a truck in the lot, parked in back of one of the storage containers. The lights on that truck were on, for another brighting attack, while I climbed the wall.