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Status Update
April 25, 2012 Update


On Monday evening of this week they had a police officer tell me to leave Charles River Park while I was sitting on a bench. He said the park was off limits after sundown.

To make sure I understood him correctly, I asked him if the other people walking & jogging in the area were not supposed to be there. Although his answers seemed vague, I think he said they were not. He mentioned something about sitting down, which might mean that people are allowed in the park at night as long as they don't use the benches. I didn't want to argue with him & left.

It is possible that there is a law/rule against people being in the park after sundown. However, I see many people jogging there after dark. Another possibility, although it would be a strange rule, is that people can go through the park, but not sit down. If there is a law/rule, it seems more likely that it would prevent people from being in the park at all after sunset.

Either way, there are regularly people in the park after it gets dark. On some nights there are probably hundreds of people there jogging, walking, lingering around, & sitting on walls & benches. I regularly see people sitting down there at night. This means that all of these people are breaking the law.

I've been sitting at this particular bench to eat my supper & read at the end of the day. Because of its location, it gives me somewhat of a buffer from the swarming citizens & their dogs. It also has a roof which offers some shelter from the elements.

Allegedly they are not content with the amount of comfort this has given me. It is obvious to me that they want to completely prevent me from going there, & hope that by making me move when it gets dark, I won't go there at all.

Before this, they tried to harass me out of the area by swarming me with obedient citizens & dogs, nonstop commotion, & noise. They have used citizens to start confrontations with me there, also. Quite interestingly, there were no swarming citizens when the police car showed up.

The night before when I was sleeping at the bridge, they had city workers show up slamming doors, talking loudly, flashing lights, & making other types of noise.

I've been recording all of this so that it will be shown that systematic methods were used over a period of time to remove me from areas & facilities, & deny me critical resources.

Thank You,