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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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November 5, 2014 Update

I was denied internet access yesterday morning when attempting to upload this message. Later at the Santa Monica Public Library my FTP program would not work. Allegedly this is their policy. After that, I experienced difficulty using web-based FTP programs.

This morning I was once again prevented from posting this update at a coffee shop that I've used for FTP before. Then I was denied login at the web hosting server.

When looking for remedy online the website forums were spoofed with the DOD's rape theme (having to take an enema). I was finally able to post this report after installing another program.

In its attempt to beat me into submission, the Department of Defense has once again shut down part of my digestive tract with directed-energy. The enemas are not removing waste from my colon. My intestines are clogged with fecal matter. Since Monday afternoon I've been consuming only liquids.