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Hidden Evil Status Report
April 27, 2011


I will be leaving Sacramento at the end of this week & arriving in Boston on March 4. There is a possible work-for-rent arrangement in Maine that I'll be looking into shortly after I arrive.

If that doesn't work out, there are a couple other possibilities. My mother has offered to pay my rent at a low-cost housing complex. However, I'd rather not do that as it would diminish her financial resources.

What I might do then, is get a membership at the YMCA in Boston, which would be a situation similar to the current one. I'd rather not continue to do things that way. But I will.

Other than the usual attacks, there's not much else to speak of. My mental & physical exercises continue. I'm excited to learn about all of the very interesting subjects that I'm researching for the book.

I know that at some point this hidden evil will be accurately exposed on a massive scale.

Thank You,