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Hidden Evil Status Report
March 20, 2011


The opportunity that I thought existed in Minnesota is no longer an option. I was originally hesitant about this after first talking to the person. And when I first learned about the circumstances, I decided not to go.

Then, I received an email from him where he mentioned more beneficial factors, & another one after that. These messages guaranteed, among other things, that there would be a reliable vehicle within 2 weeks. So, with all of these advantages I decided to go & purchased a bus ticket.

Then a couple days before I was to leave, I received a message from him telling me there was a small problem. I talked to him & it turned out to be minimal. However, during the same conversation, when the topic of transportation came up, he sounded hesitant when I asked him once again if the vehicle would be functional & reliable. When responding to my question, he used phrases such as, "I guess," in an unconvincing manner which caused me to not believe him.

I called him back about 5 minutes later & asked him several more times if the vehicle would definitely be functional & reliable. When answering my questions, he went into the various things that were wrong with the car. Eventually he said that it would be functional.

Because his overall message was unbelievable, & the possibility of being blocked & stranded again existed, I decided not to go.

Although the $200 for the bus ticket will probably eventually be refunded if I purchase another ticket, for now I am out that amount.

As an example of music contributing to PsyOp themes, while in McDonalds composing the message to be sent to the prospect in Minnesota in which I told him I wouldn't be going, the song As My Guitar Gently Weeps is played with "every mistake we must surely be learning." Then a few minutes later, as I'm writing this update to the site, the song Drive by The Cars is played. In addition, the clerks at the other side of McDonalds were having a loud conversation mentioning the phrases I was typing. The interagency's basic message seems to be: "ah ha, we fooled you again."

Thank You,