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Hidden Evil Status Report
March 17, 2011


A place for me to stay has become available in Duluth Minnesota. There is a small area in a house/trailer that I'll be able to use to sleep & as an office. I'll be leaving Sacramento on March 20 & arriving on the 22nd.

By controlling my communications, they have reduced my options, just as the last place, the one before it, the one before that one, etc. In addition to their foolish responses to my ads to promote their themes, they allowed or arranged for a few other responses to get through, which they knew I'd refuse based on my profile. So these were not really options.

As usual, quite arrogantly, they let me know they've done this using their themes, with a basic message of: "Ha ha, look what we did, & there's nothing you can do about it. See the control we have?" Part of the name of the street that I'll be living on includes the name of the street I lived on (Howard) about five months ago, before I went to California. Directing these events in my life situation appears to be mostly about them feeling powerful.

Obviously, it would be easier for me if I were not homeless. So, I'll go with this. How long I stay there will probably also be determined by them.

This is not to say the person I'll be staying with has anything to do with this whatsoever. His intentions seem genuine. I am grateful that he has done this. He is being attacked just as I am. I look forward to the possibilities.

Thank You,