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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Volume I: Current Political Situation

Volume II: The New War

Volume III: Weapons of The New War

Volume IV: The Coverup


Hidden Evil Status Report
September 20, 2010


The book New World War is complete. When I am financially able to I'll have it edited & published for distribution in hardcopy form. This may be a while. For now I'll begin the next one.

I've factored in the interagency's computer network operations (CNO), blocking/denial tactics, & other difficulties they'll be creating regarding my living situation, which places the completion time for the next book in early 2014. Already, files containing about 8 months worth of research are missing.

It looks as though I'll be leaving here within a month. I'm grateful to have been able to stay. I'm currently looking for an arrangement where I can give about 20 hours of work per week in exchange for living space so I can continue my studies. I'm also looking into some farming opportunities in New England.

All of the regular directed-energy & PsyOp attacks continue. I'm viciously stalked & harassed every place I go. My entire environment--from my personal livingspace that is constantly psychologically prepared to attack me with PsyOp products, to the neighborhood outside--is a warzone.

Thank You,