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New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control

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Hidden Evil Status Report
December 14, 2009


This is just a quick update to say that things are going fine. I continue with writing the book, which should be finished by the summer of 2010. Before I started the research phase of the book I was concerned that the information necessary for me to successfully illustrate my view would be limited. However, I've found that in most cases the opposite has been true. I've changed the title of it to Third Wave War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control.

My studies regarding non-violent direct action also continue in a peripheral way. They include strategies & tactics, which, although are usually used by large groups of people, will be adjusted for my personal use. I should have a preliminary strategic assessment ready before the summer of 2010, which I'll publish on the internet. This will be the foundation for my plan of action.

I'm also learning more about rustic furniture construction & related subjects. I'm currently making chairs, benches, & small tables using a panel design method. Another website,, which will be devoted to rustic furniture & other arts, should be launched by June 2010.

Although the attacks increase at times, this is to be expected. I enjoy myself as much as possible. Things are going well. Soon I'll be updating this site with information on new books that I'll be writing, as well as other long-term plans for the future.

Thank You,