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Hidden Evil Status Report
April 3, 2009


I have reason to believe that the Department of Defense has decided to shut down my bowel movements. In addition to this new attack, they've also increased their V2K & other directed energy weapons attacks. This may have been done as retaliation as well as to slow me down further.

I visited some medical facilities in Maine regarding no bowel activity & have concluded that they've been prevented from offering me authentic treatment. My colon, may or may not be permanently malfunctioning. I anticipate that it may not function properly again. This won't kill me or stop me. To prevent significant waste buildup I can use enemas a couple times per week. It will be an uncomfortable inconvenience to be dependent on an artificial contraption for bowel movement. However, it may prevent serious health problems which arise from waste buildup. It seems to be just one more crisis they've created to slow me down & wear me down.

In addition to the crisis, they've increased their directed energy weapons attacks. At first I thought the waste buildup was causing persistent pains, nausea, & lethargy; which it can. I realize that lack of bowel movement can cause these symptoms. And originally I thought it was the cause. But all of these symptoms can be caused by high-powered microwaves too. Basically, through observation I've concluded that these are the result of an increase in attacks from HPM weapons. I think the synchronization of the increase in attacks & new crisis was deliberately done to confuse me. The buildup of waste due to the malfunctioning colon can cause these symptoms, but it is not. They are currently the result of an attack by a HPM weapon.

I suspect this increase in abdominal pains, nausea & tiredness will continue to occur more frequently than before. It may even be semi-permanent. But the pain at this point isn't that bad & I can still function & get things done, with a few little naps here & there. It will be a tremendous change in lifestyle to have to move my bowels artificially. However, I can continue in this capacity.

Because I'm under persistent surveillance & literally all of my communications are interfered with by the Department of Defense, there is no genuine medical assistance for me. If this information appears on the site as I've typed it, it's because they've allowed it. Even if the doctors weren't covering up for this, there is nothing they can do. It has been disturbing to entertain the idea that at some time I might be experiencing severe medical conditions, which grow increasingly worse, & know that I can't go to a hospital. But this is the reality of the situation.

One option is that I can continue to go through the medical process, conducting tests, exams, etc., so that I'll be able to provide the results to prove that these conditions do not originate within me. Time, energy, & money will be required for that. This type of pursuit would probably be beneficial, if only for a single person's testimony. But I can only choose to do so many things with my time. I think that they'd rather I work with doctors being handled by them, than focus my energies elsewhere. I think the Department of Defense has even created these new conditions to distract me from finishing my book.

I thought that genuine medical assistance wouldn't be available to me. But now I understand. It has been unpleasant to entertain a scenario, where if I find myself dying, that my best course of action is to continue writing. But I've decided that it's the correct choice based on the circumstances. So if & when that difficult situation arises, I'll already have thought about it, & will know what my course of action is. Because I will have already made the decision, less resources will be wasted at that time.

Other than that, all of the standard attacks continue.

Despite some difficulties in my life situation, my life is going just fine. The garden will soon be a major focus. There are also all sorts of garden projects I'll be doing. For the most part, I'm finished with the initial research phase of the new book, & I'm looking forward to the writing phase. I continue to study dance when time permits. Now that the warm weather is here I'll be doing lots of rustic furniture construction too. Basically I'm content. I like the way my life is going. I'm doing what I should be doing.

Thank You,