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November 2018


530AM. Another night of torture. May have gotten to sleep between 11 & 12AM. Rested OK though.

650AM. At pond in Melrose I look up to see man approach with dog & file about oil contamination that I was working on shut down.

8AM. Gang stalked to & from Melrose square. Their uniforms today were red, black, white, & blue. FPS, PsyOp, NLP, noise.

Tablet keyboard hijacked when transcribing article about offshore drilling announced by Trump Administration. I'm writing a short report using this & other articles to show that these are planned ecocidal schemes. The misspelling so far have included "We Foul" followed by "Judea."

9AM. While on the edge of camp a dog approached about 20 feet away.

1015AM. Dog barking off to left, in same area I saw the [other] dog.

12PM. Not much noise today so far.

1210PM. I just removed earplugs & hear a chainsaw off to the left.

1PM. When I attempted to take a nap pins were stuck in my skin.

4PM. Nausea & the sensation of pins stuck in my skin started when I meditated.


Porno theme on documentaries.


5AM. No sleep whatsoever last night. I was not kept awake with the usual pin sensations. Instead it was some frequency that prevented me from getting tired combined with occasional headaches & nausea.

Construction project blocking me at Pearl Street & Charles. I ended up having to travel down to Medford Street, in the rain, carrying bundles.

740AM. Prevented from copying files from tablet to laptop using wireless.

Apartment was a mess. Hairs, litter.

10AM. A dizzy headache with instances of nausea most of the morning so far.

215PM. During workout directed-energy attacks to specific area to deter me from doing certain exercises. Also dizziness & headache.


630AM. Slept OK last night.

8AM. Not much of sensation of pins stuck in skin during meditation. Constant mental intrusions & twitches.

1010AM. I remove earphones near window & loud vehicle.

155PM. I remove earphones near window & there was a horn.

345PM. Pornography theme on YouTube.

Pain induced with directed-energy & nanotech reduced today. Mental intrusions continue.

340PM. Leaving the trash room I noticed someone walking toward me with trash. This type of synchronization has happened before. I exit the door & walk toward that room & someone with bags converges.

520PM. Stalked to Oakdale by people wearing blue. Use of barking dogs.

530PM. Throat attacked & low-flying planes during agreement revocation.

Damage to mound I placed to prevent flooding may have been sabotage.

Plane synchronized getting into tent, low-flying propeller planes & loud vehicles.


5AM. Didn't sleep well last night even though a decrease in pins. May have gotten to sleep at 1 am, while up at 5AM. Loud cars & motorcycles patrolling Fellsway East, booming stereos, engine revving, sirens. Frequent aircraft visitations, including the usual jets, plus some propeller planes & a helicopter.

Meditation synchronized with onset of pins stuck in skin.

8AM. A sick toddler has seized the virtual keyboard on my tablet PC & is using it as a form of communication.

The pull-up bar was moved again. Piece of litter placed in front of tarp.

The struggle against a disturbed child for control of my tablet PC continues.

3PM. Right when I attempted to take a nap the pins started.

5PM. Loud vehicles & planes during agreement revocation & distant healing.


4AM. Got some sleep last night. Pin torture for hours. Loud vehicles, blaring stereos, engine revving, sirens, planes.

The psychopaths are throwing another temper tantrum.

Increase in stalking to Stop & Shop. Inside store another increase in attacks. Outside store, placing groceries in backpack more commotion than usual. Also heightened vehicular stalking on Charles Street. I was hounded right up until I walked into the building, when a vehicle arrived at the door.

Apartment is polluted as usual. Hairs placed on counter. Bathroom a mess.

Trap set in in cabinet. I removed utensil container & fork fell to floor.

920AM. Removed earphones near window & loud truck. Earphones sabotaged.

945AM. Not much of the liquid waste was removed during enema.

1015AM. They psychopaths have my mother running around the apartment slamming doors & cabinets.

The sick runts are definitely throwing a tantrum.

11AM. I remove earphones near window & phone rings.

140PM. Directed-energy attacks to hips to deter me from doing pushups.

340PM. Directed-energy attack to mid torso to dissuade me from doing situps.

4PM. The acoustic fleet continues to encircle the building.


5AM. I may have gotten to sleep last night at 8PM & slept until 12AM. At about 1AM I stopped trying to rest & got up.

720AM. In hall walking away from trash room loud noises near elevator because of maintenance project with "caution" sign.

The temper tantrum that the psychopaths started yesterday may continue today. This might be in retaliation for a new report I'm working on, that describes how the US government has enacted a policy of organized ecocide.

8AM. The DOD's acoustic fleet is encircling the building.

830AM. I just attempted to meditate & that was synchronized with onset of pins stuck in skin, in addition to regular mental intrusions. Earlier the same thing happened when I tried to nap.

1140AM. Throughout the morning so far there have been frequent loud bursts that sound like something heavy is being dropped on the floor. Because I've been wearing earphones I don't know where it's happening. This might be out in the hall. The psychopaths appear to be trying to deter me from completing a report that I'll be tweeting this Saturday.

7PM. When I arrived at Oakdale 4 overhead flights starting right when I turned into the woods. Also a siren, then another plane when I approached living area.

Throat burned & overhead flights during agreement revocation.


5AM. Not much sleep last night. I got to sleep between 12 & 1AM. Before that lots of noise. An increase in commotion. Sirens, engine revving, planes, loud motorcycles. Woke up multiple times to pain in back of my head.

Stalked by people wearing blue & white & vehicles of those colored on way to Melrose Square. Noticeable increase in gang stalking on way back to Oakdale. Dogs were often used. People wearing red, black, white, & blue. Maintenance/construction projects on Pleasant Street for barriers, NLP, noise, & PsyOp. When I arrived in wooded area I saw two people on different occasions, both wearing blue & one with a dog.

When I checked weather yesterday it said today was supposed to be mostly sunny. It has been primarily cloudy this morning. This happens frequently.

950AM. I just took down the tent & one of the blue poles snapped. Probable sabotage with an embrittlement & connection to the blue uniform worn by the stalkers.

10AM. Constant mental intrusions, pulses of disgust & twitches, & pins stuck in throat during meditation.

Later in morning there was sunshine.

4PM. Pins stuck in eye during meditation.

515PM. The sick child's temper tantrum continued today. A definite increase in noisy vehicles patrolling Fellsway East. Even with earphones I could hear the rumbling vehicles. Earlier in day there were helicopters, in addition to the planes. I noticed two in row.

Noise during agreement revocation.


Didn't sleep much last night. Mental intrusions, pins in skin, dull pains to back of head, & noise. Before I put on earphones I noticed cars with blaring stereos, sirens, loud vehicles, planes, & one low-flying helicopter directly overhead.

840AM. Multiple instances of sirens so far this morning. About 15 minutes ago there were beeping noises to the left of my area along Fellsway East. These are the sounds that occur when heavy equipment vehicles go in reverse. It seems they have launched a maintenance/construction project.

850AM. I just heard some people yelling off to left. I saw one person.

10AM. Dog barking to right along Fellsway near parking lot. Regular overhead flights.

1020AM. A landscaping crew has been making noise parallel to my camp across the Fellsway.

1040AM. Now sirens that I recorded with audio.

1240PM. Chainsaw noise to front-left of my location in park. Earlier something that sounded like wood chipper. Recorded audio.

So far frequent loud vehicles, engine revving, blaring radios, overhead flights, & some sirens.

115PM. I just had recorder ready for 20 minutes & the chainsaw stopped & although [there were] some planes no overhead flights.

325PM. Loud vehicles, sirens may be on Pleasant Street, wood chipper to front in wooded area, engine revving, aircraft. Video of helicopter that wasn't visible yet could be heard. Audio recording of sirens at 245PM.

4PM. Recorded video of low-flying helicopter.

5PM. Throat burned & sirens during agreement revocation.


5AM. Torture & noise last night. Don't know what time I got to sleep. It might have been 11 or 12AM. Slept until 4 at which time I woke up to pins stuck in my skin. Slept on & off until I left at 5AM.

840AM. When I attempted to tweet report about US government's policy of ecocide the twitter account was locked. When I was able to tweet the program kept malfunctioning. Tweeted report about US government policy pollution, & included in tweet US president & government agencies complicit in terraformation agenda.

I just tried to delete some files on the android & the file manager didn't respond.

The psychopaths threw a preemptive temper tantrum starting last Wednesday. Already they have my mother slamming doors. The bathroom was a mess. They might throw a fit of rage today.

11AM. In anticipation of their temper tantrum in retaliation for my report I left the apartment.

Typical l stalking on way to Oakdale.

12PM. Something that sounded like a gunshot.

Usual noise.


7AM. Got some sleep last night despite attacks. At about 2AM vehicle revved is engine on Fellsway when it was aligned with my camp. Noise & directed-energy wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

So far occasional loud vehicles & aircraft visitations.

10AM. Someone screaming on Fellsway.

Air traffic & noise on Fellsway increased.

12PM. Barking dog in area to front-left.

1220PM. Barking dog on Fellsway to left, horns, loud vehicles, blaring stereos, planes.

Audio recorded barking dog at Fellsway parallel to camp. Video recorded spraying twice so far.

I have been fighting a deranged runt for control of the virtual keyboard.

1PM. For last 20 minutes I've had recorder ready & it's been mostly quiet.

115PM. Yelling in the wooded area to front-left then beeping from vehicle on Fellsway aligned with camp.

140PM. Another barking dog along Fellsway to left of camp.

Most of the times I tried to record the Aeriel attacks the planes were out of sight. However, I just recorded a low-flying propeller plane directly overhead.

2PM. Just tried recording for about 5 minutes & decrease in air traffic.

6PM. Lots of videos of planes, some at night.

Throat burned during agreement revocation.


7AM. Usual torturous attacks last night. One plane after the next. I did get some sleep eventually.

820AM. I saw a white dog about 200 feet in front to the left. I got the camcorder ready & it was gone. This means the stalkers are now traveling off the trail, over the wooded hill, & down into the camp.

915AM. Yelling on Fellsway parallel to camp.

Took video of low-flying plane.

10AM. Yelling on Fellsway.

1040AM. I just finished a 40-minute exercise with camcorder ready. There were no planes. Right when I sat down under tarp a plane passed directly overhead.

1050AM. Mental attack synchronized with vehicle beeping on Fellsway when it was aligned with camp. After that engine revving.

1215PM. Recorded helicopter off to side.

1220PM. Sirens.

420PM. Lots of videos today. 2 with both chemtrail spraying & low-flying aircraft in same video. One helicopter at about 415PM. Most of the planes were the same type used often. It's a medium silver/white plane with no windows or corporate logos.


12PM. Left mother's apartment because the psychopaths threw a fit of rage, that may have been continuation of one started last week.


5AM. I may have gotten a couple hours sleep. This morning I couldn't find my winter hat. Although it could have gotten lost because of the wind it was probably stolen. I noticed that some items, including a magnifying glass, were placed in my front pocket. I didn't do this & have never seen these items before.

Stalked to & from Melrose square by vehicles & people wearing blue, red, black, & white. I recorded the use of dogs several times. Fire & police departments used, commercial vehicles for PsyOp. Police K9 unit at corner probable referenced to use of dogs. They had sister & brother in law pull aside me & ask if I needed a ride. Sister was holding a stop sign. That I interpret as a message from the psychopaths. The have thrown a temper tantrum using citizens over the last few days. Presumably they are furious about my latest report that was tweeted to multiple federal agencies, US president, coast guard, & environmental groups.

Lighter that I use to light portable stove was broken yet still usable.


7AM. Slept OK last night.

8AM. I noticed that my flashlight was missing the front piece of glass. This was the pieces that I found in my pocket yesterday. Last night I also noticed that the the hinge on the lighter was broken. These acts of sabotage are part of a light theme that started yesterday & had to do with the fuel for small portable stove that I purchased at hardware store in Melrose Square.

Leaving wooded area I saw person near a dog on small side street that connects to woods. With stealthcam I recorded it along with a group with more dogs that converged toward the person. I recorded a dog lunging toward me.

Recorded attacks on Washington Street in Somerville. Commercial vehicles for satanic & freemasonic PsyOp. Red & black anchored nodes. Helicopter. Construction project near & inside library.

Book slamming at [Somerville Public] Library synchronized with removal of earplugs. I noticed my hat that was lost. This is a typical stunt. They steal something then make it appear later.

Recorded some attacks exiting library. FPS by anchored youths at library stairs then another at corner dog in park anchored with red. Departure theme multiple moving trucks & anchored person with luggage.

4PM. I noticed my swiss army knife was missing. So temporary theft of hat, damage to lighter & flashlight, & theft of pocket knife, all within a couple days. This might be part of their fit of rage, still angry because of recent report.

5PM. Throat intensely burned during agreement revocations with plane visitations. One low-flying propeller plane vibrated area. Before that twitches, mental intrusions, & throat burned during meditation.

620PM. Now at sleeping area. Acoustic fleet patrolling Fellsway. Blaring stereos, engine revving. Persistent overhead flights. I audio recorded one low-flying plane.


Recorded two helicopters at about 345 & 4PM. Then a jumbo propeller plane & regular non-commercial airliner that is typically used.


345AM. Got some sleep last night. Woke up at about quarter of 4 & kept awake with noise & directed-energy until I left at about 520AM. There was a increase in aircraft visitations. In addition, the air attacks lasted most of the night. They usually taper off around 9 or so. There were multiple planes above at once. They approached from various directions. At 7PM I attempted to audio record & there was an immediate decrease in flights. This lasted the entire time I recorded, about 5 minutes. After I stopped recording the flights gradually increased to their previous intensity.

5AM. I noticed a snap was secured on bottom of the coat. I didn't do this. They probably snuck into camp while I was sleeping.

1025AM. The acoustic fleet is patrolling the area.

Earlier in morning mother used phrase "dicks" that was part of the pornography theme.

Person in adjacent apartment has been dropping heavy objects on the floor.

1150AM. Hairs placed around stove. A piece of hair ended up in my lunch. Bathroom polluted with pieces of toilet paper. Carpet was a mess.

1215PM. I listened to voice message from Wendy in Canada who called to see how I was doing. I have no idea who this person is & have never been in contact with her. Probable reference to the polluted Great Lakes in Canada that I tweeted about this morning.

135PM. Nausea & dizziness during workout. Dull pains to deter me from completing sets.

I left the apartment a little after 4PM. Although I was going to stay they had mother slamming cabinets & coughing. The increase in attacks may have been in retaliation for tweet about Great Lakes. She moved & tried to start arguments. The had her aggravating me until I left.

4PM. Android camcorder. Highland Ave. Recorded person in anchored red car with a 33 on license plate giving me finger at corner.

5PM. I noticed a convoy of vehicles on Fellsway. 4 or more cars with lights on, spaced same distance, moving at same speed as a single unit.


Slept OK last night after usual attacks. There was a noticeable decrease in noise. Not many planes & few loud vehicles. At times it was quiet. I anticipated an increase in noise due to retaliation.

6PM. Recorded two convoys on Fellsway. Also two overhead flights.


5AM. Slept OK last night.

Sabotage to metal cup. I noticed the handle was bent. Yesterday it [was not] like this. So This probably happened last night or early this morning.

Directed-energy & mental intrusions thwarted meditation.

9AM. Removing pornographic & freemasonic phrases from spoofed articles about Great Lakes pollution. Struggling against a smart & putrid toddler for control of my tablet PC.

10AM. Text file with great lakes articles was altered.

1PM. Pulses of disgust, subliminal ideas of rape, & twitches much of day.


[From camp at Oakdale Park in Melrose to Mother's apartment, Malden]
Little sleep last night because of torture. Slept on & off until 4AM. Then stayed awake until I left at about 520. Less noise than usual.

Regular gang stalking from camp to store. Attack increase in Stop & Shop.

725AM. I cleaned the bathroom floor of the usual toilet paper. Less than a half hour later they had my mother re-pollute the bathroom.

PsyOp products on first page of search engine pertaining to mother. Probably to deter me, infer they will have her increase aggravation.

YouTube search results for great lake pollution instead of videos pertinent to topic are replaced with threats & insults.

Android device malfunctioning.

150PM. The psychopaths have had people slamming doors in the hallway much of the day.

230PM. The door slamming continues.

Acoustic fleet patrolling area.

620PM. Removing pornographic phrases while reading text file with new reports about Great Lake pollution.


550AM. During electronically controlled dream [there was] ejaculation.

7AM. Rape theme in articles spoofed I'm reading about deliberate pollution of Great Lakes. This time my exact name was used in same sentence as threat. This was probably also a link to the rape during the electronically controlled dream.

720AM. The porno theme continues with the same phrases & names of relatives, two brothers & one niece, in same article.

The pornographic words near my name continue.

1220PM. I just tried to watch a documentary on great lakes pollution. Door to mothers room left open with loud PsyOp TV. Right when I shut it they had her walk into the apartment & slam the door.

125PM. They have had my mother running around slamming doors all day. I asked her 15 minutes ago if she could stop this & she continues to slam the bedroom & hallway doors. The psychopaths are trying to deter me from my research on their deliberate pollution of the Great Lakes.

220PM. Door slamming most of day. I just removed earphones near window & there was a loud vehicle. Mother just coughed.


No sleep whatsoever last night. Got up at about 1AM.

Text altered in file I'm working on about Great Lakes pollution. Keyboard & trackpad keeps failing.

Acoustic fleet.

250PM. My hand just opened up involuntarily & cell phone fell out.

Now a low-flying plane near building.

5PM. Engine revving outside when I paused music app.


5AM. Slept OK last night.

I have been struggling for control of my electronic devices & computer against a putrid young child for much of the morning.

1140AM. Mother just returned with door slamming. Earlier in day door & cabinet slamming.


5AM. Very little sleep last night. I might have slept a few hours. Last I looked at the watch it was 12AM. Increase in pain. There was a reduction in noise overall, although there were some noisy instances. At about 9PM there was something that sounded like a siren, not from a first-responder vehicle. It seemed like it was carried be people on the Fellsway. Then at about 11PM there was yelling also on the Fellsway. I attempted to record these & the noise immediately stopped.

Traps set in [mother's] apartment. In refrigerator a container fell when I attempted to get another item. My boots in the closet were blocked.

920AM. I returned from a trip to the store in Medford. I recorded this with the stealth camcorder. Right when I left the apartment I noticed a construction project directly across the street in the parking lot. Noise & PsyOp. I got closer to see a 33 on the side of the heavy equipment vehicle.

The psychopaths may be throwing a temper tantrum.

I just attempted an enema bowel movement. Most of the liquid waste remained in my colon. Earlier in day I noticed more pain than usual to my mid torso. Probably a directed-energy/nanotech induced increase in existing blockage.

I noticed some minor sabotage to the stealth camcorder glasses.

Received message today from TI with same name "Barbara" as sister I'll be visiting tomorrow.

1225PM. Noise from construction project.

Cursor on text file with articles about deliberate pollution of Great Lakes is at phrase "federal limit" used to tell me to stop.

655PM. Sound turned off with earphones near window & loud engine is revved outside building.

725PM. Removing headphones near window loud vehicle.

I noticed that my teeth were stained. This happened recently.


Slept well.

10AM. I noticed that my teeth were still stained. The psychopaths probably had my mother place something in my food or coffee.


[Oakdale Park, Camp]
245AM. A night of torture & terror. Continuous overhead flights, noisy vehicles, blaring stereos, engine revving, sirens. The noise started to decrease around 11PM. I audio recorded multiple low-flying planes. When I recorded the sirens they almost immediately stopped. Multiple times there were two planes passing overhead simultaneously. The aircraft were also synchronized with booming stereos & engine revving. I may have slept from 12-2AM. I got up about 230-245AM. The aircraft visitations picked up later in morning. When I realized battery was drained on flashlight that was previously sabotaged there was a loud vehicle on Fellsway & aircraft visitation.

Meditation interrupted with pins.

920AM. Increase in pulses of disgust synchronized with twitches & subliminal messages of rape.

115PM. Received text message from sister with words "coming" & "love" that are frequently used in porno theme. Other relatives use these & similar words for same theme.

250PM. Audio recorded sirens.

5PM. During agreement revocations throat burned, overhead flights with one low-flying propeller plane, engine revving, sirens, & blaring stereo.


5AM. Slept OK last night.

Usual attacks at Stop & Shop.

7AM. [Mother's apartment, Malden] Removing earplugs near window loud vehicle.

Kitchen & bathroom messy.

845AM. The first tweet I sent about ecocidal invasion in Ecuador was sabotaged. Writing the report computer sabotaged.

940AM. Loud vehicle while removing earphones near window.

10AM. Siren while placing earphones in near window.

The psychopaths might be throwing a fit of rage. If so, it could be retaliation about tweet this morning to Ecuadorian government about their sponsorship of genocide & ecocide.

250PM. I removed earplugs near window & there was a loud vehicle.


5AM. Got some sleep.

520AM. Acoustic fleet already patrolling area.

Meditation blocked with constant mental intrusions.

1010AM. The acoustic fleet continues to encircle the building.

1120AM. Trying to install OS first 3 USB drives failed.

Then I looked at charge status on android device that had been sabotaged to find it at 30%.

1140AM. Blocked from copying file to USB drive. Copy froze at 3.0 gigabytes. The 3.5MB file was transfered at 3.5 MB/PS.

1220PM. One error after the next trying to make a bootable USB.

Directed-energy attack increase to upper torso, possibly to prevent me from continuing with OS install.

On a different computer the caps lock key kept blinking while the computer locked up. Then when I went to place a USB drive on a different table, my arm involuntarily swung to the side & my hand opened up, throwing the drive.

1250PM. Because of constant trouble with the USB drives I attempted to create a CD of the OS. The first one failed.

1PM. While updating Linux OS & installing a CD creation program freemasonic & pornographic messages intertwined with status output.

The program that I just installed did not recognize the CD.

240PM. Blocked from logging into cell phone account with security password reset request. The "old password" pertains to the old password I just used on an older laptop, & the password that I had to create for the windows OS, that was also sabotaged.

740PM. Sister's house [in Malden]. No earplugs near window, foot stomping [apartment] above & loud vehicles on Fellsway.


[Sister's apartment, Malden]
4AM. Did not get much sleep. Door opened in room at one point & lights were turned on & off, that was probably brother in law. Kept awake until 11PM or 12AM with attacks. Pins stuck in skin. Engine revving & loud vehicles patrolling area with foot stomping above. There was a span of about 1 hour when it was almost nonstop commotion upstairs. I rested until about 230AM. Woke up after electronically controlled dream when I ejaculated during a rape.

Burns to eyes & throat, & immediate increase in pins stuck in skin during medication & distant healing.

In thesaurus for word plot, the word cabal near bed. Previous sentence I wrote had word cabal.

Text documents I had opened were closed.

11AM. Brother in law has been slamming doors this morning.

12PM. Door & cabinet slamming in kitchen.

1PM. Researching library of place I might move to librarian names spoofed with relatives names & themes of rape.


7AM. Kept awake until 12AM with attacks. Slept OK from then until 7AM.

Blocked from using chrome internet browser multiple times.

Then the info for my email was missing in a different browser.

Researching resume templates they are named after relatives & acquaintances.

10AM. While typing on computer I have been battling a putrid young child that has been using frequent misspellings to give me the finger.

1120AM. Door & cabinet slamming. Constant keyboard sabotage.

2PM. The last time I sent twitter messages to government agencies about staged disasters my twitter account was locked. That happened again today. I did a printscreen.

The psychopaths have someone out in kitchen [sister's apartment, Malden] slamming cabinets. This might be in retaliation for tweets.

Internet sites spoofed with my name, other phrases that are regularly used to get my attention, & pornography.

4PM. Removed earphones for a few minutes, engine revving, door slamming, & beeping.

440PM. In kitchen without earphones, foot pounding upstairs, loud vehicles, propeller plane, lights turned on in next door driveway.

545. In room without earphones for 1 minute, door slamming, yelling, beeping, engine revving.

620PM. I shut off the MP3 player to hear the refrigerator door slam & a thunderous vehicle.

7PM. Removed headphones & heard siren.