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February 2020


Not much sleep last night. Took Wild Lettuce.

Increase in directed-energy attacks today that lasted into the evening.


Did not get much sleep last night. I may have gotten a few hours of unrestful sleep, despite taking Kratom. Details in Log. This is the 5th consecutive night of sleep deprivation. Although the Kratom resulted in relief from chronic pain I was kept awake with insomnia frequency & pictorial/clip attacks consisting of sexual encounters with women. Did not get much rest, because when that happens I expend energy verbalizing my disapproval.

Yesterday I looked at myself to see lines under my eyes that are sunken into my skull.


I may have gotten 2 & a half hours sleep last night. Took Kratom at 720PM. It has been 6 consecutive days of sleep deprivation.

2PM. Attempting to dance while getting attacked with dizziness & exhaustion on top of days of sleep deprivation, mocked with auditory transmissions. Frequently resting in between practice sets.


540AM. Finally got some restful sleep last night, maybe a solid 5 hours.

Sirens at Malden Center waiting for bus surrounded by people wearing black. Fire truck with #3 drove by.

7AM. Encircled by people wearing black on 430 bus to Saugus. At Maplewood I looked around to see that all 10 people (mostly students) from the center doors of the bus to the back, where I was situated, where dressed in black. All of them had either black pants or coats (or both), & some had black hats, shoes, & bags.

At bus stop I let all brain-linked students dressed in black exit before me. After exiting bus I waited for them to leave the corner that they totally blocked. I observed them crossing, about a dozen of them wearing black. Crossing guard hurried back toward the corner in an attempt to crowd me. I think he did this last time, & before that motioning with stop-sign in his hand implying strike if I walked near him on sidewalk. When I first started riding the bus at this time neither the students nor the crossing guard were there.

Sirens again in Saugus when I arrived at sister's house.

Thunderous noise outside when I remove my earplugs in basement.

9AM. Sister just used to convey porno/rape theme during conversion about hip surgery.

7PM. Pins stuck in eye, throat burned & engine revving outside during contract revocation.


I may have slept for 20 minutes last night despite taking Kratom.

7-9AM. Nausea & dizziness while practicing dance.

10AM. Throat burned during energywork.

5PM. Recorded with Stealthcam. All 5 youths at back of [430] bus [to Malden Center] that boarded at [Square One] Mall were wearing black pants or coats/sweaters or both. All have black sneakers. Boy on far left has black/white checker board freemasonic sneakers. Man to right black hat & backpack. Girl with purple coat on right in front of boys had black pants & boots. She is one of youths that boards at Malden Center in morning with others wearing black. She was at bus stop on vine street. Dull pain to lower torso.


[Mother's apartment, Malden]
Got a few hours of unrestful sleep last night. Took Wild Lettuce.

4AM. Throat burned & headaches while tweeting new documentary on state-hosted WMDs.

Vicious computer attacks, multiple errors & malfunctions occurring simultaneously.

5AM. Pin torture while attempting to meditate.

930AM. Headache, dizziness, nausea, exhaustion attempting to practice dance.

10AM. Much of the liquid waste from enema remained in colon. Probable retaliation for video.

Traps set in cabinet & refrigerator. Apartment polluted.

9PM. While studying online I noticed an increase in pornographic visual products. This was done in addition to communication on virtual keyboard with misspellings. I got the impression that the psychopaths were angry, possibly retaliating for video post on ecological WMD.


7AM. I may have gotten 4 hours of unrestful sleep last night despite taking Kratom. Another night of significant sleep deprivation.

Web pages spoofed with usual psychological pollution.

10AM. They just used mother to convey pornographic theme & threat.


730AM. Got about 6 hours of restful sleep last night. Took Kratom.

Internet is spoofed with pornography ... hijacks keyboard & uses misspellings to mock me. Last night continual pornography while researching online. A very clever & disturbed 7-year old is using my computer to give me the finger.

1PM. Internet sites spoofed with pornography.

Pornography in YouTube videos.


I got a few hours of unrestful sleep last night. Took Wild Lettuce.

7AM. Boarding bus at Malden Center. [Recorded with] Stealthcam. Person wearing black screaming while I board bus. I walk to back of bus & person with black backpack follows me & virtually throws pack into me while sitting down directly across from me. Then several more students approach back of bus, one dressed completely in black sits on left, in front of one that virtually struck me with pack. Girl in front of her has black pants & shoes & one [in] front of her also black pants & shoes with blue coat. Girl in front of her with purple coat has black pants. Man & woman across from her, both with different shades of purple coats have black pants. Woman on right with blue hood has black coat. Boy in front of her has black coat. Man on left with blue coat may have black pants. Two women approached & sat down. Boy dressed with blue pants & sweaters, has black sneakers. He extends legs to crowd me. Woman in front of him in total black & woman on right also dressed completely in black. Also recorded exciting bus, most people near middle door were also wearing black. Exited bus at different stop because I had to visit ATM. Police car parked directly across from bus stop & two people exiting bus were dressed in black.

10AM. Sister conveyed rape & porno theme during conversation about her recovery.

The psychopaths may be throwing another temper tantrum.

Could not download some videos on dance instructional course. Attempted to contact instructor & was temporarily blocked from sending message.

11AM. It just took me 45 minutes to send a message from android. When I attempted to [send message] I was continually blocked while a sick toddler used keyboard misspellings to give me the finger.

In nauseous daze from sleep deprivation & current attacks.

Keyboard misspellings that mock me synchronized with subliminal & pictorial idea of rape, pulses of disgust, & involuntary limb movements & twitches.

140PM. Exhausted with headache during workout while being attacked with pins & dull pains.

7PM. Removed earphones for agreement revocation. In addition to throat burning & pins stuck in eyes, nephews upstairs screaming & pounding on floor.


[Sister's house, Saugus]
7AM. Another night of sleep deprivation. I may have gotten a few hours of unrestful sleep despite taking Kratom. I was kept awake with constant mental transmissions, insomnia frequency, & noise. Brother in law started a painting project in the evening. From 10PM to 2AM it was foot stomping, heavy objects dropped on floor, furniture dragged around, & hammering. Yesterday I surmised the psychopaths were throwing a tantrum. It appears they did. I'm guessing this is still retaliation for the documentary on ecological warfare that I posted on YouTube on Saturday & tweeted to governments, militaries, environmental groups, those resisting the toxic attacks, etc. Unsurprisingly, there was only 1 retweet of this message that was sent to dozens of groups & individuals. Their fit of rage using the state's resources is typical of the psychopath, that does not evolve beyond preop/concrete-op. It reveals them as powerless & terrified children.

8AM. No internet for 20 minutes.

Usual porno phrases on instructional video.

First message on yahoo porno.

Keyboard misspellings convey death threats & mocking.

11AM. Internet is down again.

Mother just left pornographic message on voicemail.

140PM. Internet has been down most of day.

340PM. Niece visited. While I was making supper in kitchen she was crowding & blocking me, shouting during conversation with sister, & throwing things in sink near me. The use of relatives for temper tantrums is typical. During these outbursts they have sisters visit mother's apartment to attack me with noise during cleaning projects.

Did not have much energy today due to ongoing sleep deprivation.

6PM. Attempted to go to sleep early.


5AM. Was awakened at 3AM, probably so they could convey their [freemasonic] theme. Took Wild Lettuce & got 7 hours sleep.

My struggle for control of virtual keyboard against an arrogant youngster continues.

Threats & mocking on hijacked keyboard.

Headache & nausea studying dance.

8AM. Internet on primary android device still shut down; part of temper tantrum that started days ago.

820AM. Just had conversion with sister. Pins were stuck in my throat.

9AM. In living room sister conveys death theme mentioning "mark" the deceased brother of brother in law.

940AM. Sister used to convey rape theme during PsyAct. This occurred while I had enema on way to bathroom. Taking enema dull pain to upper torso. Exited bathroom with enema in hand to see sister near bed in bedroom, asking me of I got mother's message (incest/porno) yesterday.

1040PM. Just received text message from other sister with freemasonic number 330PM. Synchronized with pulses of disgusting emotions, auditory mocking, & twitching of left pectoral with subliminal transmissions telling me I'm being raped.

2PM. During dance & regular workout exhausted. Crouched over from severe dull pain to mid torso. Short-term memory continually erased. The attack combination of muscle twitching & auditory mocking with subliminal thoughts of rape & pulses of disgust continue.

I get the impression that the psychopaths are still in a fit of rage.

7PM. During distant healing & contract cancellation pins stuck in throat & eyes.


[Sister's house, Saugus]
7AM. Got at least 6 hours of restful sleep last night after ingesting Kratom. At 10PM the music started blaring upstairs & kept going until about 12AM.

The internet that was shut down yesterday & Wednesday is working today.

8AM. Printscreened PsyOp email threat.

9AM. Removed earphones to hear foot stomping upstairs.

445PM. Bus stop [430 on Vine Street]. [Recorded with] stealth camcorder. All people there (mostly students) had black pants or coat or both. For over a month I've been taking the bus at this time & there is usually only another person or I'm alone. Recorded them at bus stop & on bus talking loudly. Last time there was a student dressed in black that stalks me on bus to Saugus. Now a crowd of students. Most of young people who boarded back of bus at mall had on black. Man with black pants who sat down near me is fidgeting while others talk loudly. Throat burned. People walking along Broadway & Salem wearing black. At [Malden Public] Library recorded few people exiting bus & walking through area wearing black.


[Mother's apartment, Malden]
Woke up at 330AM (probably electronically) & kept awake with attacks. Got some sleep last night, maybe 5 hours or so. Took Wild Lettuce.

6AM. Especially vicious attacks at Stop & Shop, impeded & stalked all over store by employees & few citizens there at that time while being attacked with directed-energy. Most of them were wearing black. Blocked by employees with mobile barriers (carts) being pushed in front of me at the ends of aisles. These barriers were also used as virtual impact weapons for FPS. Boxes slammed on ground when I walked past employees. Checkout shut down so I could be crowded at automatic checkout center by people wearing black.

Apartment is polluted as usual with bits of toilet paper on rug. Feces on toilet seat.

Last night trap set in refrigerator; top of water container fell off when I removed it. Hairs placed on food preparation area.

840AM. Right when I got up to study dance door of mother's room burst open & she exited.

10AM. Upside down taking enema in bathroom extremely painful locking cramp in lower torso. Nausea & dizziness. Mocked with auditory transmissions. Much of enema waste remained in colon.

I just removed hearing protection (earplugs) & mother coughed.

I contacted dance instructor about online dance course I enrolled in with videos that were not available for download. He told me on Tuesday that the error on the website would be corrected before the end of the day. Today they are still not available & probably won't be any time soon.

Mother just exited her room to deter me from removing earphones (hearing protection) to study online dance instruction video. If I remove hearing protection while she's out of her room she'll start coughing & slamming cabinets. I just removed earphones that was synchronized with her burping loudly.

240PM. Dizzy & exhausted during workout. Stopped every few minutes to rest on couch.

545PM. No energy to practice dance. Flat on the floor & resting on couch between studying only very basic moves that I'm able to perform. While typing this sentence misspelling on seized keyboard was intended to mock me.


6AM. Ingested Kratom at 720PM & got some restful sleep from about 11PM to 6AM. Details in [Kratom] log.

Last night the usual continual misspellings on hijacked virtual keyboard with pornography all over spoofed internet.

8AM. Lots of usual pornography phrases watching online dance tutorial.

9AM. Porno & rape theme all over the internet.

In addition to hijacked keyboard mouse peripheral on laptop is sabotaged so it doesn't move properly & clicks incorrect items.

Pornography on downloaded YouTube videos.

1240PM. The pornographic images & phrases continue to be hurled at me online.


7AM. Got about 8 hours of restful sleep last night after taking Kratom. Details in log. Sabotaged keyboard & continual pornography on websites I was reading on android device.

745AM. Temporarily blocked from logging into bank account. Right after that blocked from logging into PayPal.

8AM. Blocked for 20 minutes from sending message to dance instructor on Vimeo. Then when I attempted to access email to re-confirm membership there was sabotage. I resent verification on Vimeo multiple times & received no message. Finally got verification on vimeo on different email & after over a half hour I can send a message.

10AM. Pornography (images & phrases) all over the internet.

Blocked from copying MP3 files I purchased on amazon for about an hour. Multiple web browsers failed. I attempted to obtain them on android & found more pornography on Google Play.


[Sister's house, Saugus]
6AM. Slept well last night after taking lettuce & new combination of sleeping supplements that may have improved my condition.

4PM. Crouched over in pain much of the day that interfered with my workout & thwarted dance practice.

Stopping dance practice every few minutes to crouch over in an attempt to reduce the constant dull pain to my mid torso.

740PM. Removed headphones for verbal contract revocation to hear sister loudly moaning. Usual throat burning.


7AM. I may have gotten 4 hours sleep last night after taking Kratom.

While getting up I received mental transmission that I would be blocked again today from studying dance. Since I've been staying in this cellar I've been able to study dance because I have some privacy. So, I use my time here practice what can't be sufficiently done elsewhere.

Pins stuck in eyes removing sleep gear from floor. Then during brief meditation headache, nausea, & pins stuck in throat.

745AM. The first message I see in Yahoo inbox contains words used in porno theme. Then misspelling while typing previous sentence bolsters theme with auditory transmission "pick up the phone." Immediately after that I check NWW email to find the very first message from person with 'laffer' in their name & open the message to find veiled death & rape threat. Print screened messages. First attempt android malfunctioned.

8AM. Nausea, exhaustion, & dizziness practicing dance.

920AM. Blocked from logging into online dance tutorial website. When I attempted to use another browser I noticed the word "play" that is often used by the psychopaths to mock me after an attack. Blocked & mocked with error with 2nd browser. Installing app for Vimeo I noticed PsyOp audiovisual product on Google Play, then image for porno theme when I opened app. After that I was blocked from logging in with password error. Finally able to login & the dance instructional video I was going to purchase is no longer there. Pornography in Vimeo app trying to find instructional video. The pornography on Vimeo continues. Almost an hour since I've been blocked from obtaining this lesson.

Foot pounding & chairs being dragged around floor upstairs.

Another day of pain, imbalance, nausea, dizziness, & mental intrusions. Got some dance practice done.

7PM. Turned off speaker noise & shut off earphones for contract cancellation. During loud conversation with niece, sister mocked me while my throat was burned.


7AM. Slept well last night after taking Wild Lettuce.

2-year old niece, who appears to be brain-linked, was used in multiple PsyActs with sister. One involved pedophilia.

Throat burned while sending distant healing.

7PM. Removed earphones for contract revocation; burned throat, screaming & foot pounding upstairs, chairs dragged around floor, & sister moaning.

I was able to study dance today. The attacks weren't that potent.

1130PM. Foot stomping until 10PM. Increases in twitching & virtual keyboard sabotage. The psychopaths may be upset about something. Possible start of temper tantrum.


6AM. Got at least 5 hours of restful sleep last night after taking Kratom. Usual mental attacks.

11AM. Memory was erased while communicating with sister & niece so I temporarily forgot niece's name. This has frequently occurred.

1140AM. While attempting to do energywork throat burned, constant mental intrusions, foot stomping & objects dropped on floor upstairs.

125PM. Niece & sisters [another sister visited this sister's house] have been pounding feet & dropping heavy objects on floor above me. This is synchronized with my activity, seemingly to deter certain behavior.

4PM. They have been ordering brain-linked sister & 2-year old niece follow me around from upstairs stomping their feet & dropping objects directly above me. I visited the kitchen & niece walked in & screamed. Next time I went upstairs she did the same thing.

5PM. [Recorded with] Stealthcam. At Square One Mall all 5 people who boarded bus had on black. Two women in back of bus also carrying black bags. They babbled the entire time. Directed-energy attack, throat burned.

The new USB adapter that I ordered to fix the sabotaged wifi card arrived. It didn't work. This is the second USB adapter that was supposed to work without any configuration. While trying to get it setup there were multiple ethernet disconnects.


[Mother's apartment, Malden]
5AM. I may have gotten an hour sleep last night. It was vicious directed-energy attacks. Pins stuck in throat & headaches. I have a mild cold. These medical conditions are used as an excuse for attack amplification. That happened last night. When my sinuses were not being attacked with a dull pain I was attacked elsewhere. Same for the pin sensations in my throat.

On Linux forums looking for remedy for sabotaged laptop the usual mocking & threatening themes. The laptop's wifi card suddenly started intermittently working. There is a workaround at bootup until I can devote more time to permanently fix it.

Most of the day so far I've been exhausted. Frequently resting on the couch in between a few minutes of low-energy dance practice.

During workout audible transmissions telling me to submit. "Work for us" or the torture will continue.

4PM. While practicing dance & exercising, off balance, dizziness, pins stuck in throat, heating of entire body, dull pain in torso, auditory mocking.

940PM. Android device. Internet spoofed with usual filth, while ... misspellings on hijacked keyboard to transmits messages; ongoing auditory mocking.


6AM. Slept OK last night. Took Kratom at 7PM. Mental attacks sexual images & short clips. Details in log.

740AM. My struggle against for control of PC has started.

8AM. Internet spoofed with usual PsyOp phrases.

9PM. Using android to surf web, porno & pedophilia on spoofed web pages.


7AM. Rested well last night. Got at least 8 hours sleep. Took Kratom. Details in [Kratom] log.

945AM. Pedophilia & pornography theme while shopping on Amazon. Description of item I was looking to purchase. These themes are regularly used all over the internet.

I opened the cabinet & remove a coat & the coat hanger broke. An embrittlement was probably placed on the coat hanger.

I never got a reply from the dance instructor I sent a message to on 02/20. He posed as a friend, asking for more details about my dance history. I responded saying I had symptoms of fibromyalgia. The psychopaths have specifically used dance instructors for their attack cycle. This latest attack appears to be intended to instill feelings of shame. This same instructor never thanked me for the two donations I gave him, both $25.

The idea of being deceived/insulted by the dance instructor is pelted into my brain continuously.


7AM. Malden Center. Waiting for bus. Crouched over from attacks. Headaches & pain in torso while enclosed in a black swarm. Most of the people traveling through the area were wearing black.

720AM. 430 bus to Saugus. Surrounded by students wearing black. When I observed them exit the bus cross Main Street there was about 12 of them. Except for one all had black pants &/or black coats. The only girl who didn't was dressed in blue & carried a black backpack.

8AM. My struggle against a repugnant toddler for control of virtual keyboard has started.

2PM. Usual nausea, disorientation, pain, dizziness, & cognitive disruption while practicing dance & workout. Included in the constant mental intrusions are transmissions of subliminals & auditory ideas telling me that my dance progress is impeded. These are accompanied by pulses of anger. My attempt to write this paragraph was continually sabotaged with misspellings to mock me.

Sister dropping heavy objects on floor above me.

3PM. Earlier in day sister tells me cleaning crew would be here between 12 & 2PM. About 315 when I attempted to use the shower I was blocked by them at the stairs. I eventually got upstairs. While showering there was commotion in the hallway outside the bathroom. They were loudly babbling, smashing the baseboards, dragging the vacuum around—constant noise. I went downstairs & noticed one cleaning lady was blocking the cellar door. I waited for them to finish cleaning the kitchen. When I checked to see if they were there one of them appeared in front of the door & started dusting. Eventually I just went upstairs to prepare supper. Trash was on the floor in front of the refrigerator. Sister converged invading my personal space to get something off counter. Another cleaning lady blocked me when I attempted to access the cellar. In the cellar I realized I forgot some food on the table. I went upstairs, got the food, then the same cleaning lady converged to block me again.

7PM. I removed hearing protection for contract revocation & heard loud TV & brother in law coughing. Then there were sirens & foot pounding. Throat was burned as usual & was hit with headache. Writing this paragraph dull pain to torso.

9PM. Internet spoofed with pornography. Dull pain to torso while being mocked with auditory transmissions & keyboard misspellings while attempting to write this paragraph.


[Sister's house, Saugus]
7AM. Didn't sleep well last night despite taking Kratom. Details in [Kratom] log.

745AM. In NWW print screened email threat of scary bathroom on top off "blockade" message that pertain to yesterday's attack by cleaning crew.

11AM. I just went upstairs to make lunch in kitchen. Sister was there with brain-linked nephew who is about 4 years old. He was screaming, stomping his feet, & running toward me. The last two times I attempted to use the kitchen I was terrorized. I'm not sure if the psychopaths are throwing a fit of rage, or if this will be ongoing. If this persists I will probably leave.

They are now dragging chairs around in kitchen.

12PM. There has been virtually nonstop pounding & heavy objects dropped on floor.

The psychopaths have kicked me out. I'm not sure what the reason is for this tantrum. Possibly has something to do with the dance progress I've made here over the last month. Yesterday I got a mirror to practice with. They've thrown these fits when I've made improvements to my environment. While on phone with mother asking her if I could get some things (boots) before going to Oakdale Park, brain-linked sister loudly used phrase "didn't expect that, did you." This was them mocking me.

Told sister I would be leaving & she spoke the word, 'mirror.' Possible retaliation for that purchase & dance progress that has been thwarted in multiple ways for over a decade.

When they've thrown these tantrums in the past there has usually been an increase in public persecution, so I can expect that on the journey to apartment.

1PM. When I arrive at my camp in Oakdale Park there may be some destruction.

4PM. My mother said I could stay at her apartment until tomorrow because of the rain.

Now that I think of it, I've been antagonized most of the time lately when attempting to use the kitchen at sister's house. I've been blocked, attacked with fear-potentiated startles, & noise, by her & her guests. Last week it was her & 2-year old brain-linked niece. Before that her friend. Yesterday, the cleaning crew, & earlier in the morning it was her. Today her & 4-year old brain-linked nephew.


[Mother's apartment, Malden]
7AM. Did not sleep well last night although I did get 6 or more hours sleep. Took Wild Lettuce. Slept from about 8 to 12, then kept awake with headaches, pins, dull pains, & burns to eyes. Attempts to meditate at that time impeded. Slept another few hours of unrestful sleep maybe from 4 to 7AM.

I sent two messages [Tuesday 25] through the Meetup messaging service. They pertained to questions about a dance gathering in Cambridge. One person responded quickly with phrases used in PsyOp porno theme. The same person did not reply when I asked some questions. The other person did not respond at all. I will probably receive no response from either of these people, or they will reply later when their messages with phrases that pertain to pornography, rape, pedophilia, freemasonry, & satanism, are synchronized with other events to convey a debased theme.

720AM. Only two messages in In NWW email conveyed threats. The "Lafferty" person who sent me a veiled threat on the 19th sent another message about adding their information to my NWW website. The subject was "Question for your Newworldwar." The domain on the email address was "bankrate" (that is "bank rape") "associated" (that is "ass") "earthquake insurance." The only other message in the inbox appeared below this one, with "Environmental Resource for" in subject line, asking me to add their information to my website about "at risk areas." Printscreened messages & added them to attacks folder.

740AM. Blocked from logging into Etsy. Had to do password reset. After reset blocked twice again.

I noticed that the glands under my throat were swollen, presumably from directed-energy attack.

Pornography all over Etsy while shopping for card.

10AM. Brain-linked sister, whose house I left yesterday, is sending me text messages with pornographic phrases.

Although the psychopaths are still enraged I'll be going back to sister's house.

1140AM. [Malden Center] Right when I crouched over in pain there were sirens & fire truck drive by. Swarmed by people wearing black.

1150AM. Surrounded by people wearing & carrying black on [430] bus. Crouched over in pain woman with black sweater in front of me did something so her hair fell on top off my head. Recorded with Stealthcam.

7PM. [Sister's house, Saugus] Usual throat burning during contract revocation. Surprisingly not much noise.

740PM. Loud snapping noises above me synchronized with keyboard misspelling. They are dropping objects on the floor. The psychopaths may still be throwing a tantrum.


[Sister's house, Saugus]
7AM. Didn't get much sleep last night despite taking Kratom. I was kept awake by severe pin attacks, mental effort used to reject constant audiovisual transmissions of sexual intercourse, & presumably insomnia frequency.

740AM. New email. Title is, Ⅼifeⅼіnе Scrеening of America Partner, subject includes heart disease & stroke at 1133. Another freemasonic death threat. I already added this subject phrase to be redirected to trash folder, so this message should not have appeared in inbox. Observe Pest Protection message above it. Printscreened. Note when writing this paragraph threats conveyed with misspellings at virtually every word. While attempting to create more filters for these threats, menus continually malfunctioning, auditory mocking, subliminal ideas of rape synchronized with pectoral twitches & pulses of disgust.

10AM. Foot pounding upstairs. In addition to sister, they may have a niece or nephew up there. They are used for terror, noise to interrupt my studies, & resource denial (to deter me from using kitchen). This may be part of the same fit of rage that the psychopaths started earlier this week.

11AM. Prevented from logging into meetup through browser. I installed the app & was able to login. Still no responses from either person I sent a message to on the 25th about dance meetups.

220PM. Crouched over in pain attempting to practice dance while people are jumping up & down & stomping their feet upstairs.

250PM. When I attempted to access the kitchen to get my supper out of the refrigerator I was attacked again by brain-linked 4 year old nephew. My total time in the kitchen was not even a minute. He ran through the area near me several times shouting while wielding a toy sword that was used as a virtual impact weapon, in addition to the noise & FPS caused by his quick approach. This is the same behavior exhibited by the brain-linked children out in public who terrorize me with adults.

4PM. The commotion upstairs continues.

The psychopaths still appear to be caught up in a fit of rage. I get the impression they're angry because my lack of submission to them has prevented them from doing something that they wanted to, or that they were forced to do something they did not want to do. Regardless, they are throwing a major temper tantrum, that has spanned several days.

420PM. I just noticed earphones are damaged, the cord looks like it was partially cut. Probable sabotage.

While leaving house sister was sitting down at table so chair was blocking me in kitchen.

515PM. [Waiting for 430 bus on Vine Street] Helicopter visitation, then a couple minutes later ambulance drove by with flashing lights & blaring sirens, then door slamming person across street exciting driveway. The bus never arrived. Now I have to wait another hour for the next one. Crouched over in pain, swarmed by noisy vehicles. The sick child's temper tantrum continues.

All 4 people who got on bus at mall had on black. Man to left of me who was at bus stop has black pants & back pack. Other woman at bus stop with purple coat has black pants. At bus stop only a few people passed through area, all wearing black.


[Mother's apartment, Malden]
530AM. Slept OK last night. Took Wild Lettuce & other sleep supplements.

7AM. Another Lifeline Screening Heart Disease & Stroke death threat in NWW inbox. It was from Lifeline Screening American Partner. I already added titles with these phrases to spam folder, yet they keep appearing.

1040AM. Most of the liquid enema waste remained in colon. I exited bathroom to see mother arrived with groceries. With hand over sore intestines I removed the Oatmeal Pane Bread was in one of the bags. Pane="pain" as in the pain I just endured attempting to make a bowel movement. This is used as a visual product for the pain/torture theme.

1220PM. Blocked from logging into Kratom website to order my pain medicine. Message I sent to vendor was blocked, I got an error after it was sent. Eventually I was able to complete the order, whether or not it goes through & is shipped is a different story.