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January 2020


530AM. Slept OK last night after taking Kratom then sleep supplements.


[Sister's house, Saugus]
530AM. Got at least 5 hours sleep last night after taking Wild Lettuce & later other sleep supplements.

325PM. Upstairs in bathroom. No earphones or earplugs. Helicopter & loud vehicles.

During workout crouched over in pain from directed-energy.

420PM. The GIG synchronized an acoustic strikes written I was in front of the house taking out the trash. Then, two very loud motorcycles drove by revving their engines.

Struggling against a severely deranged young child for control of virtual keyboard.

7PM. Eyes & throat burned during agreement cancellation & documentary recital.


550AM. Got between 5-6 hours sleep last night after taking Kratom.

640AM. Multiple tweets have words used in porno theme.

Dizziness & nausea during dance practice.

740AM. Acoustic fleet patrolling Main Street.


[Mother's apartment, Malden]
Took Wild Lettuce & other sleep supplements & slept OK.

Temporarily blocked as usual from logging into email. Wireless card on laptop still malfunctioning.

7AM. Printscreened Freemasonic PsyOp threats & bribes on both email accounts.

1120AM. [Recorded attacks with] Stealthcam. Apartment to Medford Shopping Center. Children dressed in red. Swarmed by people wearing black & red. Satanic & freemasonic visual products. Recorded stalkers dressed in black in Walgreens.

1220AM. Blocked from logging into bank account with security question.

Printscreend PsyOp 33 on Amazon checkout.

Sick children blocked file copy from PC to android then projected a freemasonic product to let me know they did. ... They sabotaged the keyboard while I wrote this paragraph to mock me.

Exhausted during my workout despite sufficient rest last night.


720AM. PsyOp threat with relative's name in NWW email with phrase in title: "killed my holy mother." This was from the same sender as yesterday, sent by person with brother's name. Probable threat about killing mother. The same message appeared in RichEssence email. Then I observe Bulk Email Folder to find message with phrase "protect what really matters" in title.


740AM. Could not copy files from android to PC. Had to reset PC.

8AM. Upon observing twitter handle with '33' police siren sounded.

9AM. Sabotage of twitter. Blocked from observing organizations I follow. Now the ethernet is being disconnected & re-connected. Previously the wireless card was shut off.

940AM. I'm adding names of Australian military & first-responders to monitor the bushfire attacks raging through the country. The ethernet keeps disconnecting.

[They] continue to disconnect me from the internet.


1PM. [They] have been viciously attacking my android device that I've been using for tweets the last couple of days.


[Sister's house, Saugus]
Lots of noise outside today that I noticed when I had no hearing protection.

520PM. Throat burned, pins stuck in eyes, loud vehicles, & sirens while reciting documentary on destruction of planet. Then, sister walked into kitchen loudly talking on phone.

720PM. Sister talking loudly on phone, severe pain to mid torso & pins stuck in throat while reciting documentary.

845PM. Fighting a sick child for control of virtual keyboard. Continual misspellings form complete messages to mock me.


Slept OK last night after taking Kratom.

1150AM. Saugus & Malden. Recorded with Android & Stealthcam. 430 Bus. Waiting at bus stop on Vine Street woman approached to wait for bus, she had black pants. Before that other citizens passed through area wearing black. I recorded most of this first with android, then attacks on bus with Stealthcam. At Square One Mall people boarded bus wearing black. All 5 people on left who boarded at mall had on black. Man to direct left of me with black coat & black backpack. Woman in front of him with black pants. The others to her left were dressed in black. In front of me youth that boarded bus at mall had black coat & black backpack. He "accidentally" hit my knee while sitting down. He kept flailing his arms & making quick jerky movements. When I tried to record these visual FPS attacks he immediately stopped. To his right man with blue sweater had black backpack. In front of him youth with black & white ... had black backpack & other same seat blue sweater. The women who argued with the youths while swearing had a black coat. Man she was with had brownish coat, grey & black hat with black sneakers. Youth that stood up to argue with woman had black sweater/coat. Both the woman & youths were screaming & swearing. At Malden Square PsyAct continued with police stopping youths dressed in black. Both women near this crowd were dressed in black. The older woman was dressed completely in black & the other had a black coat. Along pleasant street more people wearing black. Upon arrival at Malden Center, this announcement: "driven by operator 36533." [Freemasonic theme; them telling me they orchestrated that PsyAct to upset me] Man who attempted to hand me something had black coat; woman he was with wearing black. MBTA worker wearing black converged. All several standing people blocking me on sidewalk (including MBTA worker) had black. Then two citizens on wall to left wearing black. Other citizens dressed in black converged at that time. I recorded these attacks at Malden center with Stealthcam. Then I started audio comments. Traveling along pleasant street I recorded freemasonic & satanic PsyOp & more people dressed in black. This included commercial & postal vehicles. Recorded additional freemasonic products at corner of Glenwood, including one car with two sets of 33s, then construction vehicles with freemasonic numbers.


[Oakdale to Mother's Apartment, Malden]
Rested OK last night. Took Wild Lettuce.

The psychopaths set a trap near my sleeping platform at Oakdale Park so a sapling sprung & hit my left eye. From camp all the way to Stop & Shop & the apartment my left eye was attacked with directed-energy. [Note: when writing previous sentence a pulse of stinging pain to left eye at lesion from previous attack, while my keyboard is sabotaged.] At times I noticed this pain also in my entire head & right eye... The intensity decreased [on my way back] from Stop & Shop, then increased again when I arrived at apartment. I was going to record a documentary on their environmental attacks. It seems this was retaliation & a deterrent. I decided not to record the documentary today because my left eye is red. [Right now there are pulses of pain sent to both eyes that are closed & watering.]

1040AM. Temporarily blocked from logging into webhosting account to renew email.

Traps set in usual places. Apartment polluted.

Much enema waste remained in colon. Attacked with directed-energy while upside down taking enema.

Temporarily blocked from logging into bank account.

1150AM. The sick babies are throwing a temper tantrum.

I just returned from a trip to Medford Shopping Center. Commercial truck parked across street possibly used as visual product to convey threat. Other than that usual group stalking with noise, satanic & freemasonic messages hurled at me. I recorded with Stealthcam.

When I got back to the building I got stuck in the elevator that stopped on second floor. I had to pry the doors open. Two people blocked me in that hallway to dispense what was probably an audio product about elevators not working.

Earlier crouched over from burns to left eye that already has lesion from directed-energy attack this morning.

I just went to transfer a Linux distro to fix the sabotaged OS & the USB drive is failing.

More temporary blocking with incorrect passwords.

Noisy vehicles on patrol.

7PM. Left eye often attacked today with directed-energy to worsen an existing lesion that was left from the attack this morning.

Heating of entire body, exhaustion, & both eyes burned while practicing dance.


[Mother's apartment, Malden]
Slept OK last night after taking Kratom then other sleep supplements. Details in [Kratom] log.

Eyes attacked with pin sensations & dull pain to mid torso during distant healing session.

Recorded video of left eye that was red from directed-energy attack.


Rested OK last night after taking Kratom.

540PM. Severe attacks to mid torso today. Crouched over in pain practicing dance. Mental intrusions & disorientation somewhat interfered with practice.


Slept well last night. Took Wild Lettuce & other sleep supplements.

5PM. I just attempted to offer my mother some suggestions on how to reverse her hair loss. They knew I was going to do this & had her respond with negativity. She attacked me.


Got between 5 & 6 hours sleep last night after taking Kratom & other sleep supplements.


[Sister's house, Saugus]
5AM. Slept OK last night after taking Wild Lettuce & other supplements.

Surrounded by people wearing black on bus to Saugus.

The young child that is ehanding sister & brother in law had them set traps in cellar.

2-year old niece participating in PsyAct & is probably brain-linked.

The psychopaths have been using sister & niece to create almost constant noise, dropping objects directly above me, stomping, shouting, dragging chairs around kitchen. Surges in noise synchronized with my efforts to study dance, presumably a deterrent. This is in addition to the pain in my mid torso & external noise on Main Street. I removed ear phones & sister made loud sexual moan.

Attempt to write above paragraph synchronized with twitching of left pectoral, subliminal thought of rape & pulses of disgust, & misspelled words mocking me.

For about 20 minutes without hearing protection in bathroom then cellar [there was] constant noise outside.

6PM. From 5 to 6PM it was nonstop foot stomping.


[Mother's apartment, Malden]
Slept OK.

Blocked from logging into NWW account. Logged into RichEssence to find that message I tried to send twice yesterday was blocked. I resent it again this morning & got reply saying it was rejected on receiving end. Temporarily blocked from logging into PayPal account.

Still haven't replaced sabotaged WiFi card & keep getting kicked offline because of damaged ethernet cable.


530AM. Took Wild Lettuce & other sleep supplements & rested fine last night.

Surrounded by people wearing black on bus to Saugus. At stop [corner of Vine & Main] most of those people exited bus. If I didn't wait for them to walk in front of me I would have been encircled by them.

Usual satanic & freemasonic symbols while being gang stalked [to & from stores]. No distilled water at Walgreens; probable resource denial. In store attacked by people wearing black.

Went to Walmart to get water where I was once again surrounded by people wearing black. Recorded some of it with stealthcam.

11AM. Sister making sexual moans upstairs.

Sirens & loud vehicles patrolling Main Street.

1245PM. Struggle ... for control of virtual keyboard continues.


7AM. Not much sleep last night. Took Kratom. Attacked with images of women to arouse me. This often happens after Kratom ingestion. These images & short clips are pelted into my mind.


Last night I ingested Kratom at about 720PM. I may have gotten a total of 1/2 hour sleep last night. Although there was a slight increase in pain induced with directed-energy, that wasn't the reason. I was kept awake with the insomnia frequency & constant barrage of short clips & images of women, that was an attempt to get me to actively think about sexual relations. This occurs frequently. When it does I recite the phrase, "disconnect me parasite" or other phrases. It is communicated to me subliminally that I will be kept awake until I accept (actively think about) these scenarios. So, basically when I'm attacked in this way I realize there will be little or no sleep.

1035AM. [Waiting for 430 Bus] Saugus, bus stop Vine Street. Crouched over in pain from attacks. Young man with red sweater at stop. Others dressed in black red blue passed through. Dump truck satanic visual product. Freemasonic license plates. When bus arrived woman wearing purple coat & blue pants with cart shouting during argument with man who also had blue shirt. She walked away. I was blocked from boarding bus by man with red sweater. Woman approached again to crowd my space loudly saying "excuse me". I recorded her at corner. Right after that attack bus driver talking loudly to amplify previous attack. He also invaded my personal space with his arm while I was trying to put money in electronic device. Two people on bus wearing black. Others boarded bus wearing black. Recorded some of this. Exiting bus surrounded by people wearing black at [Malden] station.

11AM. Stalked by people wearing black to apartment. At corner of Charles Street, just after pulse where two people wearing black converged, there was a 33 on license plate on car in lot at AOH. Car was parked near street for me to see it. Visual product was directly across from Mason Street. At that point where a visual product was used to accent a fixed sign that has been used as visual product previously, a Malden police car converged. Right in back of it was a car with a license plate that included a straight 666. After that cars with 33s, 13s, & 30s patrolled Charles Street in both directions. Did not record this.

1150AM. I just attempted to open the documentary project on ecological warfare. It is not opening. They corrupted the file. Now I have to start over again.

1215PM. The sick toddlers keep disconnecting me from the internet while I attempt to edit the documentary that is being thwarted with malfunctioning peripherals.


[Mother's apartment, Malden]
Sleep deprivation again last night. I may have gotten a few hours. Woke up at 1AM & couldn't get back to sleep because of attacks. Probable retaliation for video report on their destruction of Earth's natural resources.

When taking enema more liquid waste remained in colon than usual.

Nausea, disorientation, & [energy] depletion.

6PM. Eyes attacked with pin sensations trying to meditate.

620PM. Eyes burned.


1225AM. The sabotage of my ecological warfare documentary continues.


7AM. [Malden Center] 430 bus to Saugus. All 4 people in immediate area wearing or carrying black. Girl to left black back pack. In front [of her there was a girl with a] blue coat & pack with black pants with white board that is probable visual product. On left dressed completely in black shoes pants coat shirt & back pack & having conversation with node in front of me that was probable PsyOp. In front of node to left man with black coat. Then Oriental woman board bus wearing black coat. Man with blue coat talking to Oriental woman has black pants & shoes. Then woman with red coat & black pants approaches. At that time all 6 people around me wearing black & girl to left black pack. Then young man with black hat & pants with grey coat approaches then walks away. While recording & taking notes ongoing sabotage to virtual keyboard & dull pain to mid torso. At 720AM I exited bus at Vine Street when all those surrounding me wearing black also departed. I noticed that most of the crowd of young adults, even those toward the front of the bus, who were crossing Main Street were dressed in black. When I first started taking this bus at this specific time there were no people exiting at this stop. Now I'm surround by people wearing black.

7PM. Throat & eyes burned during agreement revocation.


5AM. Slept well last night. Took Wild Lettuce & other supplements & got over 8 hours sleep.

5AM. Directed-energy attacks during energywork exercises.

9AM. Maintenance project at end of Main Street near Route 1. Police & city workers. Sidewalk blocked with branches. On the other side of Main Street months ago there was a project that impeded me. On return from store the city truck was leaving & just before I arrived two cars with 33s on license plates passed in same direction toward highway, one right after the other. Then a car with satanic visual product appeared. I recorded this. When I arrived at corner of Vine Street that same city truck appeared to make a turn.

Sister making sexual moans & loudly saying word 'come' that is used in pornography theme.

Blockades & traps set in kitchen.

Somewhat exhausted during workout, good night's rest notwithstanding.

Broken sunglasses was sabotage. Simple fix.

12PM. When I was out in kitchen the nurse who arrived for sister bent over to moon me.

Sister asked me to get her some grapes that is a phrase used in the rape theme.

3PM. In bathroom with no ear plugs or ear phones. Vehicles patrolling area made almost constant loud noise.

I noticed the earphones I've had for less than a month are damaged. Probable sabotage.

7PM. Throat burned during contract revocation.

720PM. Crouched over due to dull pain in mid torso while writing in this log, while attacked with auditory transmissions & frequent misspellings.


[Sister's house, Saugus]
730AM. Didn't get much sleep last night despite Kratom ingestion. In mode of being on verge of sleeping I was mentally attacked, probably with technology. This has happened lots of times before in dreams, & has been occurring after Kratom ingestion, with images & short clips of sexual episodes with women. I was kept awake with frequent psychic attacks in the form of women inviting sex. This occurs when I'm on the verge of sleeping, presumably because my mental guard is lowered. Details in [Kratom] log.

Print screened PsyOp bribe.

1015AM. Right when I stopped music played through speaker sister [made a] loud fake cough upstairs.

7PM. Pins stuck in eyes & throat burned during contract cancellation.


[Sister's house, Saugus]
Took Wild Lettuce last night & didn't get restful sleep. Woken up at 330AM on the 30th for their infantile freemasonic theme.

5AM. Directed-energy block proper energywork during 1-hour meditation.

Print screened message that was probable PsyOp bribe.

9AM. Studying dance crouched over due to dull pain in torso, nauseous & dizzy. While attacked with directed-energy subliminal & pictorial transmissions of rape with auditory intrusions mocking me.

Attacks to torso continued during workout; stopping frequently to crouch down in pain.

310PM. In bathroom without hearing protection for 20 minutes. Just when I walked into bathroom there was a helicopter. Then after showering another one synchronized with my departure from the shower. Between the helicopter visitations loud cars encircling area, & sister shouting downstairs & making sexual moans.

When I remove my earphones loud vehicles.

7PM. During contract cancellation throat burned & conversation upstairs.

Now someone is dragging furniture around kitchen while pins are stuck in my throat.


I may have gotten 5 hours [unrestful] sleep despite taking Kratom. Attacked with usual sexual mental intrusions. Details of Kratom in log.

So far there were two Likes in twitter that "mistakenly" occurred while I was navigating the screen. Threats & porno on spoofed web pages trying to find out how to unlike tweet.

Pain to mid torso, nausea, headache practicing dance.

10AM. During energywork period with negative mental intrusions, breathing disruption, & headache.

[Frequent insulting misspellings.]

1PM. Every time I've tried to study dance severe pain to mid torso.

It is now being communicated to me with auditory & subliminal transmissions that I'm being blocked from studying dance because I haven't submitted to them. This is combined with pulses of disgust.

115PM. Sister was just used to convey rape theme with "come, therapist (the rapist) grape, bathroom" etc. during conversion about her physical therapy.

Stalked by people wearing black from bus stop in Saugus to apartment in Malden.

6PM. The wireless USB adapter I purchased is not working. While putting together documentary on natural resource development projects used for unconventional warfare, I'm being continually kicked offline trying to use the sabotaged ethernet adapter.